While budget fashionistas eagerly await the launch of Donatella Versace’s line at H&M, the designer is coming under fire for not allowing “real women” to be photographed for a shoot promoting the line…to real women.

According to the New York Daily News, Versace nixed a shoot that was supposed to depict real New Yorkers in the line’s new lower-priced line because some of the women didn’t “fit [Versace’s] branding.” [Code for they’re not a size -0 and absolutely perfect].

As the NY Daily News pointed it, the snub might make sense if the models were rocking the designer’s couture line, but Versace for H&M is specifically targeted to everyday women looking for stylish options at a lower price point. So dissing “real women”–all who reportedly ranged from sizes 0 to 6–doesn’t seem like a smart move.

Donatella Versace debuted her H&M collection at a star-studded show at New York’s famed Pier 57. Although the line is geared toward the same real women Versace doesn’t want photographed in her clothes, the fashion show featured your typical fare of stick-thin models. After the show, however, Versace told a reporter she understood the women who will be buying her lower-priced garments.

“I know this customer,” she said. “I know what they want.”

Hmm….I guess that includes being insulted?

What do you think? Will you be buying Versace for H&M? 

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  • Perverted Alchemist

    So…are we to assume that she wants fake women to only wear her clothes- is that what she’s implying?

    *paging Kim Kardashian and Beyonce*

  • Makes you wonder why she even did the campaign in the first place, then has a launch with Nicki Minaj performing. Maybe she only brought the line to H&M because other luxury brands are doing the same thing or she knows fashion bloggers will post about their buys and that’s her “real people” campaign. Keeping up with her competitors I suppose.