We’ve all seen them. The pretty girl who would be absolutely stunning if she just didn’t do that one little thing that’s jacking up her entire look. Or the man who would be fione had he not just overdone his look.

While trends change, some folks are still walking around looking like they’re trapped in 1987.


In case you’re wondering if you’re stuck in a time machine, here are 3 beauty mistakes we absolutely hate. Don’t let them happen to you!

Drawn-on eyebrows: It might have looked hot back in the day to shave off your eyebrows and then draw them back on, but these days, it just looks scary. Drawn-on ‘brows not only appear fake, many people get carried away when they paint them on. Instead of looking like a diva, people with drawn-on ‘brows end up looking like Whoopi Goldberg’s cousin. Unless you have a medical condition that prevents you from growing ‘brows, do not draw them on. Not cool.

Black lip liner: A few years ago, black lip liner was all the rage. But now…it just makes you look like you’ve smoked one too many Newports. If you use lip liner, make sure it matches the color of your lipstick or gloss so you don’t end up looking crazy. And if you still have black lip liner in your purse…shame on you.

Gelled baby hairs: Unless you’re a preteen, you should not be swooshing up your baby hairs to get them to look cute (peace to Chilli!). Put the Eco Styler down and step away from the brush. An adult with gelled baby hairs just says you’re holding onto your childhood notions of “good” hair. Let it go, baby.



What’s on your list of beauty don’ts? 

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