After nine hours of deliberations, the verdict is out and the jury in the Dr. Conrad Murray trial found Michael Jackson’s former personal doctor GUILTY of involuntary manslaughter.

During the course of the highly publicized trial, the jury–of seven men and five women–heard 49 witnesses, including Jackson’s former employees, investigators, medical experts and Murray’s girlfriends and patients.

Despite releasing audio tapes of a drugged-up Jackson and attempting to blame him for his own fatal overdose, the jury found that Dr. Murray negligently caused the death of Michael Jackson.

Dr. Murray will face up to four years in county jail (not state prison) due to prison overcrowding in California.

Do you agree with the verdict? Did the jury get it right? 


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  • Trini

    First of all, if I were a doctor I would never treat celebs. NEVER! People are ridiculously quick to sue docs for any and everything to begin with. Now if the patient is a celeb, forget it! The levels to which those scandals can raise could never allow me to overlook the huge risks. But of course greed overpowers reason more often than not in most situations.

    Second, even if a doc decides ok I’ll treat a celeb, why in the world would you ever take not just any celeb but Michael FREAKN Jackson?! Who is not only known for his disconcertingly bizarre behavior (hanging babies out windows) but drug accidition as well. Come on now!

    I think this man knew what he was getting himself into and decided to roll the dice anyways. Not many people can walk away from heaps of cash and not look back. But as with many things in life, we all have a choice. Obviously he chose poorly. More than just a few times.

    • SAA

      I didn’t follow this trial at all or the details surrounding his death but based on the prior actions of Michael Jackson I whole-heartedly agree with everything you said. Michael Jackson wasn’t some innocent victim, neither was Conrad Murray as he is a doctor and should know better but charging him with a crime and then subsequently convicting him of said crime doesn’t make any sense to me. Seems like everyone just needed someone to blame and he was the guy. At most he should’ve gotten his license suspended or taken away but its too late for him and unfortunately this is what happens when you deal with f*cked up people.

  • Truthy

    I’m just glad that, finally, no more little boys’ private parts will be fondled while playing Peter Pan on a Ferris Wheel. With a monkey.

    • apple

      the secretly FBI re-investigated michael jackson over the course of 10 years between the 90s and after 2005 to try to make a case against michael.. they found nothing

      oh yea and the dad of the kid who said that michael jackson abused his kid in 92 committed suicide the week after michael’s death

  • esteban!

    I feel bad for the guy , i dont know if any of you remember like 4 or 5 years ago when Michael Jackson’s family did an intervention on him because he was addicted to sleep pills. no nobody remembers? this man is completely innocent everybodys commenting around and blah blah blah but nobody knows, they just think that what they see on HLN or CNN is the truth well its not!
    this is the fall guy for all the other doctors that got Michael addicted to all that stuff not this man. Oh and yeah always the fans saying that he killed him wow! are you stupid
    doesent anyone remember that he molested children also? no
    im not a big Michael Jackson fan i mean i like his songs and stuff but not a hardcore fan
    and yeah i think he killed himself