“Basketball Wives Miami” star, Evelyn Lozada, has found a way to expand her 15 minutes of fame. The sassy reality TV personality just landed a six figure book deal with Cash Money Record literary division, Cash Money Content.

Lozada is going to publish a series of books called, “The Wives Association,” that she will co-write with  former “Law & Order: Criminal Intent” writer Courtney Parker. The books will be focused around her alter ego Eve Inez-Landon. She will tell stories from her controversial past dating professional athletes.

“The stories that you hear—what goes on in these relationships, and just being in that circle—I decided to let everyone experience a piece of it for themselves by writing this series of juicy novels,” Lozada told the Hollywood Reporter.

I would think if a person was writing a book called, “The Wives Association” that they would have to be a former or present wife. Obviously you can be a Basketball wife without actually being married.

Lozada is definitely trying to make herself into a brand. Can’t knock her hustle.

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  • The reason why Cash Money Content have done this crazy book deal with Evelyn Lozada’s? They believe she appeals to BBW fans, who will dig deep and buy the book, in the hope of quenching their celebrity thirst and learning some super juicy gossip.

    As long as we continue to watch BBW and waste our energy, reading about Lozada and her latest squeeze/s, she will continue laughing (and cursing)…all the way to the Bank, at our expense.

  • Tamar

    What?! She can read????

  • grace

    Man…you know Jamilah Lemieux is going to be tight about this. LOL