Pantyhose. Tights. Stockings. No matter what you call them there’s no doubt that as women we love them. From sheer and opaque to all the colors in the rainbow, pantyhose have been a part of most of our lives since we were little girls. But one color in particular was always a staple, the nude pantyhose. Women and nude pantyhose go back like babies and pacifiers and our love affair with them seems never ending.

Most of us can remember as little girls watching our mothers or grandmothers dress up for church (or some other special occasion) in their finest wears. The fly outfit they had on wasn’t complete without a slip…and a pair of nude stockings. Even when it was our turn to get all dolled up as kids, there was no way we were leaving the house without a fresh pair of nude tights to go under our frilly dresses. As we got older and matured into grown fashionistas, we’ve come to appreciate having a pair of good, no run (no clear nail polish patches here!) nude stockings in our fashion arsenal. Not sure if it’s the way a nice sheer pair can make your skin look like it’s glowing, maybe it’s the color’s natural looking appeal or maybe it’s the fact that a quality pair can make your perfect outfit complete. Whatever it is women everywhere seem to love it. Even some of our favorite celebs are constantly spotted out in a shiny pair of nude pantyhose. King B is always seen out and about in a pair of shiny nude pantyhose and they are definitely her performing staple, and of course who can forget Ms. Tina Turner and her multimillion dollar legs that are often draped in nude pantyhose as she glides across the stage performing at over 70 years of age.

Generation after generation, from the cradle to the grave, nude pantyhose have played a role in our lives and whether you love them or hate them, there’s no denying that there’s just something about those nude pantyhose that some of us can’t live without!

So ladies, did your mom make you wear nude pantyhose?

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