Maybe you know this person. Maybe you are this person. You know, that person that can’t leave the house unless they match from head to toe. We’ve all committed this fashion felony at least once in our lives, taking our love for that leopard print shirt or 80s trend just one step too far. Instead of looking like a fashion do, we ended up looking like a fashion oh hell no you didn’t, and proud of it.

When it comes to fashion we all like to be effortlessly put together, and while we don’t want to walk out of the house looking like we got dressed in the dark, perfectly matching every detail in an outfit does not a fashionista make. Wearing red from head to toe or making sure every piece you’re wearing is by the same designer can actually make your outfit look worse, not better. Even when it comes to accessories, matching each bracelet to the various colors in your dress or your headband to your shoes can actually come across as childish and not the chic and sexy look you were most likely going for.

The key to matching is simple…try not to. Just because you’re wearing a black shirt doesn’t mean your skirt, pants, shoes and bag have to be black too. Break the outfit up with a pop of color by wearing a red skirt or maybe keeping the skirt black, but adding a purple belt or leopard pump. If you’re going to wear all of one color, make your accessories the wow factor in your outfit by adding a jewel toned necklace or a textured handbag in a different color. Also, there is no fashion commandment that says you must stick to the same designer throughout your outfit, mixing and matching different designer pieces allows for more creativity and helps you to create an outfit that matches your individual style and makes it all your own. The point is it’s okay not to match!

Fashion is about taking risks and stepping out of the box, don’t get so caught up in matching that you forget to dare to be different. Mix it up a little and you’ll find that the best matched outfits are the ones that don’t match at all.

– Danielle Pointdujour

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