Yoga, Tae Bo, Pilates, Weights, Jogging, running, walking, swimming, the list is a lengthy one but what’s deemed ‘the best’ form of exercise is truly up to the individual. People approach physical fitness for a variety reasons, but let’s be real here: Feeling good and looking good can, at times, be damn near the same thing. So let’ do a quick fitness overview, shall we? The three main components of exercise are:

1. Strength training develops and tones muscles involving repetitive exercises using free weights, equipment or resistance from your own body weight.

2. Aerobics, aka, cardio respiratory conditioning  is any form of exercise that increases your heart rate and breathing for an extended period. The harder you work, the more calories you burn. Heart-pulsing activities are vast, range from walking, swimming, dancing, or good old-fashioned high-intensity interval training.

3. Flexibility training increases balance, muscle resilience as well as the range of motion for your joints – which is thought to reduce the risk of injury.  Examples include tai chi, yoga and basic stretching.

Overall wellness is key, but many of us have our “problem” areas we wish to make unproblematic. A balanced diet (in moderation), the right form of exercise and unrelenting determination are the ingredients necessary to shape – or reshape  – our beloved physiques. For those of you out there who sweat it out on a regular basis, what’s your favorite form of exercise? And for those of you who don’t (no judgment , trust!) what do you suspect would be your pick?

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