Actor Gary Dourdan is currently in jail and needs about $50K in order to see the light of day. This past Sunday, Dourdan was arrested after the LAPD were alerted about a domestic violence situation. Once the cops arrived at that actor’s LA abode, they didn’t instantly find what they were looking for, but thanks to an anonymous concerned citizen, they located the victim in an alley near Dourdan’s residence.

She was one of his ex-girlfriends and she was sporting her badge of violence – a broken nose.

It all sounds sadly familiar and one can’t help wondering why celebs risk their careers for the thrill of expressing their defiance and anger in a way that jeopardizes all the lives involved.

It’s never a pretty sight to see the consequences of a man who can’t control his emotions enough to walk away with his manhood intact. Even though there isn’t a lot of information to go on, at the end of the day, a woman was assaulted and it reiterates the point that this is still a nagging problem that needs to be solved.

Kudos to the witness who decided not to turn a blind eye and called the police, hopefully more people will react in the same way and help get self-glorified bullies off the streets.

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