A new show is causing quite a bit of a stir around the Black interwebs.

Fried Chicken Cinema is the brainchild of filmmaker Regi Allen and combines food, films, and pop culture into one comedic show. The show stars four friends who live together in a tiny apartment who get together to cook and watch classic B-movies.

Although it seems like an interesting idea, the show’s name is what seems to be causing the stir. But the show’s website says it’s a good conversation stater.

The site explains: “The name “Fried Chicken Cinema” might create some interesting conversations.  This is an amazing opportunity to start a great conversation.  It asks people to question social morays and stigmas about color and race. To us, fried chicken is a global comfort food that was perfected by a people with an amazing cultural heritage. Besides, “Grilled Chicken Cinema” doesn’t have the same ring.”

Watch the trailer for Fried Chicken Cinema. What do you think is it great idea or offensive? 

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  • kaya

    HM, the title doesn’t bother me and it looks interesting, I would watch the show. Just be cause fried chicken is associated as “black people food” if the characters is not representing the negative stereotypes of our culture I see nothing wrong with the title, just merely a catchy title to me that’ll sure to stick in your head. Besides, the title is doing its job, its getting people talking.

  • African Mami

    Funny. Lawwwwwwd we don’t need to always be politically correct. uuuuuurgh!

  • I’m a fan of black folks crossing artistic/comedic lines, especially…in a way where everyone gets the joke, wink, wink, and it’s indicative of racial confidence. Unfortunately, there are insecure black folks who embrace stereotypes by being ashamed of being associated or defined by certain foods, words, even music…”fried chicken” defines black folks no more than egg rolls define chinese people…it’s a friggin food, all cultures enjoy it…and I dig it! Tight concept…and where on tv do you find black folks providing a point of view regarding classic cult film culture? BET?TVOne?Centric? yeah right! Two servings please!