Hip-hop isn’t the most accepting of men who don’t fit the conventional definitions of masculinity. In a genre so comfortable disparaging gays and lesbians, it seems like career suicide for a new rapper to rock lipstick and wear pink tights–and NOT be in contention to be the next Nicki Minaj. But that’s exactly what 19-year-old Daryll Duane Philips is doing.

Philips, who goes by the name DPhill Spanglishman, created the XY movement to encourage men to get in touch with their feminine side.

Predictably, many aren’t feeling his style and question his sexuality (he’s straight), but DPhill says he’s unfazed.

He told reporters, “I believe I’m 40 percent female basically because of my emotions. I’m a very emotional person”

DPhill continues, “Everybody has a soft spot, I just embrace both sides.”

What do you think? Is DPhill’s XY movement a gimmick or a step forward for hip-hop?

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  • @IAmGoldGorgeous

    Have a seat!!!

  • Si On Da

    Hip Hop has gone too far…

  • kris

    This seems like a joke.

  • I’m a lesbian & i support gay rights & the movement but i think this is a little too extreme!
    it’s one thing to say that’s he’s a very emotional person.
    i know some emotional men, but they don’t go around wearing lipstick & tights! LOL
    this is just too much lol
    On another note, i love your site!

    -Nina P.

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