According to, gospel music divas Mary Mary are coming to a TV near you. The Grammy award-winning  sisters–Erica and Tina Campbell–just got picked up for a new reality series, tentatively titled Mary Mary.

Mary Mary will reportedly follow the duo as they juggle their hectic careers, growing families, and struggle to stay grounded while they promote their sixth album ‘Something Big.’

WEtv released a statement describing the show and it looks like it’ll feature the ladies’ large extended family.

“Music is a family business for the Campbell sisters:  Erica’s husband, Warryn, is the group’s producer and Tina’s husband, Teddy, is the drummer in Jay Leno’s band.  Outside of the recording studio, both ladies struggle to balance family life — a challenge all on its own”, the statement said. “Erica and Warryn are expecting their third child in February, and Tina and Teddy are raising a blended family of four.  The sisters also have a very large, extended family of seven siblings to deal with — one of which is the group’s stylist — and their parents, who have been married and divorced three times to each other, and now currently separated.  When it comes to finding harmony, singing’s the easy part!”

The series premieres Thursday, March 29 at 9pm with eight, hour-long episodes.

Will you be tuning in to Mary Mary’s reality show? 


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  • me


  • Jenae

    Probably. They’re really talented and have a positive message and image.

  • Nico

    I might watch & Val they were just simply saying that sin is sin. If you read the word of God, you’ll see what it says about homosexuality and fornication, the thief, liars, prostitute murderers & so on. No sin is greater than the other that’s all Mary Mary was saying in that article. Everyone does need God. People shouldn’t be so sensitive just b/c someone does not agree w/homosexuality does not make them homophobic. smh

    • damidwif

      “just b/c someone does not agree w/homosexuality does not make them homophobic”

      by definition, of which there are several, yes it does

    • chanela

      @damidwif i could totally understand if someone was being prejudice towards gays, saying “i hate gay people” or attacking anyone that is gay. THAT is homophobic. but some people are tripping and want to call people homophobic for the dumbest reasons. i got called homophobic twice in my life. once for not wanting to kiss another girl at a party (because i’m not interested in women like that) and second because i would prefer not to date a bisexual man.

      i’m tired of people throwing that word around just cause you’re not like ” omg i need a gay friend!!!! omg im going to the pride parade”. some people don’t like being a dominatrix, are you gonna attack them and call them a domophobe? its stupid.

  • mary mary is the best in world