Season one of Basketball Wives: LA has come to a close and the reunion special is in full swing. As expected ignorance is running rampant, but not necessarily from the person you would expect. On a show where everyone is pretty much still two steps from wet behind the ears, you would expect the loudest and most ignorant of the group to be the youngest, but on Basketball Wives: LA, it was Jackie Christie, the self proclaimed “island” and O.G. to this game who was acting the plum fool.

Throughout the show it was Jackie who was caught up in the childish he said, she said drama, spreading rumors and encouraging the foolishness, all while claiming to be more grown and mature than the other ladies and just wanting to throw on her ‘captain save the youth dem’ cape and help them out. As if the foolishness on the show wasn’t enough, this 40-something, mother of three, was on the stage in a too tight ‘I ain’t got no business squeezing my ass into this” dress, bent over and slapping herself on the butt telling the audience and castmates to kiss her ass. She was so loud and obnoxious on the show that even host John Salley had to give her the side-eye. All the cursing, screaming and just plain ignorance of it all was not what you would expect from someone who has been around the block as long as Jackie.

Now to be fair I get that some of this is for show, it is reality television after all, however, as a grown woman a check shouldn’t completely dictate how you carry yourself. We all can get upset and act out every now and again, its nature, but cursing and carrying on in public, spreading rumors and slapping your own ass on national television is beyond childish and immature, especially in your forties. There’s a difference between being strong and opinionated and just acting like an ignorant hood rat and as someone who proclaims to be too grown for the drama, Jackie sure found a way to immerse herself right in the middle of it. What are her children and grandchildren supposed to think of her behavior? Is this the image and legacy she wants to leave behind?

If Jackie truly wants to show the other women on the show how to act then she needs to do what other respectable women do and lead by example. Instead of cursing, try using the thousands of other words in the dictionary to get your point across. Instead of helping to tear down another woman, try using your O.G. status and experience to blaze a positive trail for other women to follow. Acting up isn’t cute at any age, we’ve seen the original Basketball Wives cast, but as old as Jackie is, she needs to stop worrying about fitting in with the “girls” and start focusing on leading as a woman. The behavior she has displayed recently is simply disgusting and if she ever expects to be taken seriously and respected as the grown woman she professes to be, it’s time for her to use the whip she cracks on Doug’s back to straighten herself out and act her age.

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