We have all experienced the distressing realization that we are holding on to hair that is practically dead and non-responsive. But being desperate for length and volume keeps us from doing the inevitable which ends up creating more issues that in the end could make us lose even more of locks than necessary.

Excessive touch-ups, bad coloring jobs and a head full of split ends can wreck havoc on your tresses leaving them weak, brittle and dry. The best and fastest way to end your misery is to get to the root of the problem which almost always involves cutting off the damaged hair. Sometimes this might prove drastic and even upsetting, but the end result is so worth it. Your hair will finally be able to breathe and will have ample opportunity to heal and produce efficiently.

If it appears that you will be losing a good chunk of your hair and you don’t feel comfortable sporting a shorter do, then you can rely on the protective hairstyles to bail you out. Twists and braids are always the most reliable and cost efficient way to wait out the growth period. Just try not to keep them in too long since this could present a whole new set of problems, including breakage and thinning sides.

In between salon visits you can also help the process along by indulging your tresses in deep-conditioning treatments. Anything from the Jane Carter line will do the trick. You can slather on the magic potion while you are watching TV or doing chores and let it soak in sufficiently. If you are able to buy a steamer, that will also prove to be a life saver. Steaming your hair for at least 30-45 mins twice a month will bring back the moisture to your dried out tresses, and encourage manageability and a softer texture.

It is also best to refrain from any chemicals or anything that has the ability to change your texture. Your hair needs a much needed break as it tries to find its balance and even a minor touch-up could prove disastrous. This is also a good time to re-discover your mane and appreciate its strength and perhaps consider other less strenuous and more accommodating styling options

Hopefully these tips will help you recover what was lost and encourage you to keep what you have left as healthy as possible.

– Ezinne Ukoha

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