Forbes magazine released their list of Hollywood’s most overpaid actors and Eddie Murphy leads the pack. According to the publication, for every dollar Murphy makes, his films return an average of $2.70.

This is how Forbes compiled their list:

“To compile our list we used information gathered for the Celebrity 100 to look at the last three non-animation movies each actor starred in over that last three years,” Forbes detailed. “We added each actor’s upfront and backend pay on all three movies to come up with a total compensation number. We then added up the operating income of the three movies to come up with a total operating income number and then divided total operating income by total compensation. Each return on investment number represents how much the studio is paid for every dollar invested in the star.”

His last couple of movies were flops, but maybe his new movie, “Tower Heist,” will put him back on top of a more positive Hollywood list. When I think of being “overpaid” I think that what you are being paid doesn’t equate to the quality of work you put out.  Drew Barrymore, Will Ferrell, Reese Witherspoon and Denzel Washington (what?!) round out the top five for this list.

Do you agree that Eddie Murphy is overpaid for his movies?

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  • B

    Whatever. The people at Forbes who created this list can never say they made such comically-genius American classics like COMING TO AMERICA, THE NUTTY PROFESSOR, BOOMERANG, or played as role as brilliantly as Mr. Murphy did in DREAMGIRLS (an otherwise crap film, imo). For his brilliance in those 4 films alone, I say Mr. Murphy deserves every cent he makes and more (and I’m saying this as a person who doesn’t like any film he’s done since the first Nutty Professor). So, as far as I’m concerned, like many of the other commenters here have said, Mr. Murphy is probably underpaid as his talent outshines many of the highest paid actors in Hollywood. I mean, Julia Roberts and Sarah Jessica Parker? They are about as uninteresting as actresses can be, and not nearly as talented as Hollywood makes them out to be.

  • Perverted Alchemist

    Naw fam, that honor goes to Chris Tucker! Twenty million dollars a picture and he only did two films in the last decade???

    • Pilot

      I think you are referring to “Rush Hour 2” and “Rush Hour 3”. Actually his numbers are a little better than that.

      He held out for $20 million in salary for “Rush Hour 2” and got it. He held out for $25 million in salary for “Rush Hour 3” and got it. In addition, New Line Cinema gave him 20% of the gross against his salary from the “Rush Hour 3” movie.

      Now that guy has one hell of an agent. I mean, c’mon.

      But I can’t hate him for that…

  • I’m sure he was laughing all the way to the bank after reading their list, get the money man.

  • wataw

    Even though he is the most overpaid actor, This is how Big Eddie Murphy’s head is

  • Sasha

    When I read Jennifer Aniston Julia Roberts, Sarah J Parker, getting paid ONLY a % of what their movies generate..? Then I’ll listen to Forbes!