Holiday Blues


Now that the holiday season is in full swing, the pressure is on to either be the perfect hostess or the perfect guest. It’s also a time when money flows freely from our pockets without much censoring. We are all on display this time of year, trying to meet the expectations that inevitably surface this particular time of the year.

It’s so easy to get overwhelmed and even overstressed balancing an increasingly hectic schedule while also trying to remain in the holiday spirit.

Here are a few tips to help you not come down with the Holiday Blues.

  • Be realistic about what you can accommodate: So many people are desperate to please everyone and they end up taking on more than they can handle. Parties are fun but make sure you are not over-extending yourself. Plan out your schedule so that you leave yourself enough time to confidently tackle everything on your to do list.
  • Draft up an effective budget plan: You don’t want to start the New Year in debt so avoid biting more than you can chew financially. Its critical that during this hectic time when unexpected expenses rear their ugly heads, that you keep a firm grip on your check book and keep tabs on what you are spending. Determine early on what the necessities are and prioritize your list. Be sure to take advantage of all the sales both online and in stores. Online shopping may be your best way to save a ton of money and a lot of the shopping sites provide gift wrapping services as well as the option to ship your items which saves you both the time and the hassle.
  • Remember patience is a virtue: It’s very natural to almost lose your cool especially with family members depending on the role you are playing during this festive season. Playing host can be tasking and sometimes you may feel unappreciated or even annoyed when things get a little sticky. Pace yourself and take some time to breathe. Remember why everyone is together and don’t let the little things ruin the time you spend with loved ones. You may not realize it then, but everything you are doing is greatly appreciated
  • Finally, make sure you stop and smell the roses: Don’t get too caught up in all the madness and forget to step back and take in the precious moments going by. This is a time to enjoy good food, great music and the company of loved ones. As chaotic as this season can be, it’s also a wonderful and magical time. So embrace the holiday spirit and don’t navigate through the holidays with your eyes closed. It may just pass you by.
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