Let’s face it. Celebrities tend to make everything in life attractive including pregnancy. Women like Halle Berry, Nia Long and Beyonce are not only glowing while they’re preggers but glamorous. They make it seem easy and of course look good. But is strutting on a beach in a bikini with your baby belly out really the move to make? Is it necessary to still wear sky high heels and walk NYC in your second trimester?

Is it possible to be too sexy when you’re pregnant?

After seeing Beyonce in the “Countdown” video it was evident that when a woman is expecting she can still be alluring and demure. Furthermore, there’s nothing wrong with that. We’re in a time where women conquer everything (yes, still) from taking care of her family, balancing career life and maintaining her looks even when she’s expecting a child. Most women are working up until their eighth month of pregnancy and going about their normal day to day tasks.

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