Last night, millions settled in for another episode of hot mess, guilty pleasure reality television starring the ladies of Real Housewives of Atlanta. The main focus of last night’s episode was Kandi’s 35th birthday party and it turned out to be a party not for the faint of heart. In a nutshell, our favorite Southern belle Phaedra Parks decided to gift birthday girl Kandi with a gift fit for a sex connoisseur, her client aptly titled ReDickulous.

As expected, Phaedra’s client did not disappoint, swinging and swanging his manhood to Kandi’s shocked, but pleased delight. Then it happened. He. Put. It. In. His. Mouth. Yes it. That it. In His. Mouth.

Pause for dramatic effect.

Fortunately for virgin eyes all over the globe Bravo spared viewers that visual, but by the looks on everyone’s face, it was a shockingly disgusting sight to behold. Kandi’s mother was none to happy about the spectacle and lack of respect for her presence declaring the situation “F*&ked up” before storming out and driving off. Even miss ‘No Hands’ herself Nene was a bit taken aback and hastily exited stage left. Most of the guests while shocked and slightly disgusted seemed mostly unfazed by it all and found it to be a bit amusing.

Now while I see nothing wrong with strippers and out of sheer curiosity would pay for the unedited footage so that I can see ReDICKulous’ head game in action, I must admit that it was out of line for Phaedra to deliver such a gift with Kandi’s mom on the premises. It would’ve been much more appropriate for her to bring him in after she was 100% sure momma was gone or at least knocked out in one of the hotel rooms for the night, or to simply host a separate get together for the occasion. It was more than clear that Kandi’s mom and a few guests were offended and even though the party was all about Kandi and she was more than pleased, a bit more consideration could’ve been taken.

Do you think Kandi’s party was the wrong setting for a stripper? Was Kandi’s mom right to be upset? Be honest, would you like to see ReDICKulous’ trick?

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