Of all the things that could possibly hurt your climb up the corporate ladder, a recent survey by UK-based officebroker.com finds that 1/3 of bosses believe some of their female co-workers wear too much makeup to work. Wearing too much blush, having a bright lip or over done eyes are seen as the biggest office no-nos. According to the Daily Mail, the survey found that “Striking lipstick emerged as the most unappealing look, with 32 per cent of managers questioned saying they found strong colours too much for the office.”

Could our love for all things blushed, bronzed and bright be killing our chance at advancing in our careers? We all know how important it is to look our best in and out of the workplace, but the fact is, what may be “too much” for one is just enough for someone else. How are women supposed to know where the middle ground is?

How much makeup is too much for work? Do you think your makeup could hurt your career?

– Danielle Pointdujour

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