Of all the things that could possibly hurt your climb up the corporate ladder, a recent survey by UK-based officebroker.com finds that 1/3 of bosses believe some of their female co-workers wear too much makeup to work. Wearing too much blush, having a bright lip or over done eyes are seen as the biggest office no-nos. According to the Daily Mail, the survey found that “Striking lipstick emerged as the most unappealing look, with 32 per cent of managers questioned saying they found strong colours too much for the office.”

Could our love for all things blushed, bronzed and bright be killing our chance at advancing in our careers? We all know how important it is to look our best in and out of the workplace, but the fact is, what may be “too much” for one is just enough for someone else. How are women supposed to know where the middle ground is?

How much makeup is too much for work? Do you think your makeup could hurt your career?

– Danielle Pointdujour

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  • san

    a dash of lip plum gloss and filled out eyebrows.If I have a bit more time in the mornings, then I line my eyes with some eyeliner. Some people ( where I work, local government just go overboard with the pink lipstick and electric blue eyeshadow etc)
    less is more !!

  • there is a fine line between being BEATFACED and looking polished, often times women don’t know the difference,smh. i feel like in the office, one should stay away from the teals, pinks, and reds for eyeshadow and instead opt for more neutral, matte tones. however, i do think a bold lip is fine for the work place just so long as it isn’t black, now that i don’t understand. i think if i were a male i would hate to see a woman walking around the office with a cut crease look.

  • Jessica Mercedes

    I believe that for the office women should be going for a polished look. Basically, you…only better. A light wash of foundation, groomed brows, “daytime” mascara, a light wash of blush (just to add some warmth to the face), and a sheer lip gloss or lipstick.
    I’ve learned that people who seem overly pretty or too concerned with looks can send the wrong message…including that you are lazy and expect things to come to you because of your looks.

  • Bronze

    Well….I figure that we all go through stages. I remember when my make-up application was horrible. God ugly, go home and try again ugly. I remember wearing too much perfume; wearing the wrong shade of stockings, not knowing how to buy bras, and having no clue about foundation.

    So maybe these women are in transition. Maybe not. If anything it helps me know what NOT to do.

  • df

    Yep I agree with just looking polished. Some women look polished with just blush and chapstick or just some powder…or nothing at all. I wouldn’t even feel comfortable wearing a full face of makeup to work or a significant amount knowing that it might attract a bit too much attention from men especially and maybe certain attention from women.

    Nah, I want to look like I belong but stand out mostly because of my skills and my work performance.