Last night the music world suffered a huge loss. Hip hop legend Heavy D passed away suddenly leaving behind a huge void and millions of fans who came of age to his music. Death, whether sudden or expected, is never easy and while those that knew him best will remember him for his positivity and warm spirit, the rest of us will remember Heavy for his feel good music that always kept a house party rocking and the crowd on their feet. Today Clutch salutes the passing of a legend with three of our favorite Heavy D songs.

What’s Your Favorite Heavy D song?

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  • Perverted Alchemist

    @Pearlsrevealed I’d have no problem doing it, but it will have to wait- mostly due to his recent passing. Wikipedia is very sensitive about anyone posting anything about a recently deceased artist- even if they are factual in their editing. They might run the risk of being targeted vor vandalism, so I’m treading lightly.