There was a time when being a stripper was considered on par with being a prostitute. Perhaps the excessive 80’s and the over-the-top movies that accompanied that decade helped emphasize the sleaze factor associated with the profession. And anyone who dared venture into the forbidden world of sex, booze and unfiltered dollar bills, never divulged a word of it, even to their closest friends if they could help it. It was a part of their lives they kept well hidden and off limits.

Now forward to present times, and the stigma of a stripper’s past doesn’t sting that much, in fact the information is enthusiastically shared with anyone who wants to know the deets. Draya Michelle from the Real Housewives of LA, defended her stripper days to her fellow co-stars, and despite the hail of negative comments that were dumped on her, she stood her ground. She did what she had to do at the time. She didn’t share the other women’s views which seemed to hinder on the fact that she was stripping away her dignity every time she hit the pole. She saw herself as a hustler who used her God-given gifts to make extra cash, and when that was no longer a necessary source of income, she left it behind to pursue other more acceptable “body-conscious” outlets.

Nene Leakes, a regular on BRAVO’s Real Housewives of Atlanta also paid her dues in strip joints. She definitely wasn’t as forthcoming as Draya, but as her popularity soared she not only admitted it, but she was almost boasting and fondly recalled how lucrative her short-lived career proved to be.

So are we now generally accepting of people who have indulged or continue to swim in the murky waters of societal pleasure, or are there are some of us that still can’t or won’t associate with women who have a stripper’s past? Should they keep that bit of information buried or trust they won’t be judged and discarded by a potential friend or mate?

Maybe now that Reality TV has helped to propel ordinary citizens into instant stardom, we have become numb to whatever baggage rises to the surface. And that should be good news to anyone still sitting on a ticking time bomb.

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  • chanela

    oh god. why not mention how most strippers are usually on drugs and/or prostitute after work since they can get extra money that way. why dont people also mention how most strippers have to pay what is called a “house fee” which is usually $150+ A NIGHT. how is it glamorous and liberating for you to pay to work there?

    i wouldnt be surprised if there’s an article saying that there need to be more black owned brothels so we can put our fellow sistas to work.(LOL)

    also, did i miss something? women always say that they strip to pay their “student loans” do men not have student loans too? they pay them… i dont see them being degraded in order to do that.

    • Timcampi


      Most strippers are NOT prostitutes. This is a misconception. If a stripper is pretty and dances well, she won’t need to prostitute herself on her side and often won’t. Most strippers make between 300 and 600 a night. Double that if it’s a weekend or in a boom city. Even if she only pulls in 80 a night (after the house fee) she will still make more than someone who works at McDonald’s for NINE hours. A full twenty percent more.

      A good number of strippers become self-conscious, insecure and depressed on the job. This is simply the nature of the workplace. Men who pay for sex are usually skeevy. But in a high class institution– or even working as a Burlesque dancer– one could be rewarded with confidence. It is a slippery slope though. And many people stick with the job because of the confidence or Stockholm Syndrome.

      Also more women than men go to college. Also men DO strip to pay for college. Some also do porn. Have you ever heard of the term gay for hire? Men can’t be degraded because currently, the world largely supports their place in society. Degradation usually only applies to those who are not afford that ability.

      All this was found watching a moving about stripping. It’s an hour long and very informative.

    • damidwif

      thanks timcampi for that response to the former baseless argument. i thought this topic was done. things on this site get stale quick when u see the same ol same.

    • Tweed12

      “i wouldnt be surprised if there’s an article saying that there need to be more black owned brothels so we can put our fellow sistas to work.(LOL)” LMAO

  • Theresa

    Draya is on basketball wives of L.A. not real housewives

  • While I personally would not strip, I ain’t gonna hate on anyone for doing it. Some strippers make more in a night than most make in a week and if they’re wise enough to put that money in an investment, they’ll be alright.