Atlanta has long since been a mecca for Black America, but lately it’s also been home to Black Hollywood’s elite. After becoming a well-known center for music–once home to LaFace and So So Def records–the city is now garnering attention for its booming TV and film industry.

After this year’s ‘Soul Train Music Awards’ took place in Hotlanta, the New York Times took notice and asked if Atlanta is the next big thing.

In the article, “Atlanta Emerges As A Center of Black Entertainment,” the NY Times argues that Atlanta is increasingly becoming a center of Black cultural life.

“Atlanta has long had a high concentration of well-connected, affluent blacks. But the Atlanta area is now home to such a critical mass of successful actors, rappers and entertainment executives that few would argue its position as the center of black culture.”

So what’s fueling the move to Atlanta? For those in the entertainment industry, it’s all about the bottom line. The NY Times continues:

Atlanta’s A-list evolution was driven in part by the state’s 2008 Entertainment Industry Investment Act, which gives qualified productions a 20 percent tax break, said Warrington Hudlin, president of the Black Filmmaker Foundation, which is based in New York.

“Atlanta is really becoming the black Hollywood,” Mr. Hudlin said. Because many black filmmakers are working on tighter budgets than white filmmakers, they need to save money and Georgia helps them do that, he said.

Shows like BET’s The Game and Reed Between the Lines, VH1’s Single Ladies, and of course, all of Tyler Perry’s productions are shot in Atlanta, with many directos and producers looking to capitalize on the city’s buzz.

But will it last?

Los Angeles and New York have long been hubs of the entertainment industry, but with Atlanta’s rise in popularity, how will other “Black meccas” feel about Hotlanta garnering all of the attention?

What do you think…Is Atlanta the center of Black Hollywood? 

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  • Usagi

    No, becasue not all black people have a connection with the south. Minneapolis has a huge Somaili base, Harlem and Chicago are have a huge black culutre influence, too.

  • Kamala Jones

    You don’t see the Nigerians, Chinese, or Indians running to New York and Los Angeles to grow their film, TV, and other media industries so why must Blacks in the U.S. do the same?! Atlanta can be the center of the Black entertainment industry in the U.S. if we get off the mental plantation.

  • Isis

    Lmaoo I wouldnt know. Im the last black person alive who has never been to Atlanta

  • All those ‘Atlanta’ folks take their meetings in LA…at least the ones in control. The issue I have with the Black exodus to ATL is the disconnect between what really happens on the BIZ side. Many of the big names like Tyler, BET shoot in ATL to keep their control over aspiring actors and ent. industry professionals. They want cheap labor and low quality and know ATL is the place. In LA and NY you have options, quality, and get a REAL sense of how to work in the industry outside of Tyler Perry, BET and VH1.