Taraji P. Henson who has amassed a roster of impressive roles in movies like Baby Boy, Hustle and Flow and her Oscar-nominated gem The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, is quite sold on the idea that to make it in the acting world, one must hone in on their craft. She rejects the notion that Reality TV could be a springboard for aspiring actors looking for a faster route to stardom.

She opened up to Sister 2 Sister magazine about the danger of falling into the trap of Reality TV by using it as a vehicle for exposure as opposed to taking acting classes, which in turn helps emphasize the legitimacy of the profession.

But does that logic still apply today? We live in a world where people have become stars virtually overnight thanks to the wonders of YouTube. There are hundreds of talented thespians that never make it past an Off Broadway performance while their less talented counterparts score film roles. The days when you had to prove your worth as an actor or actress and convince the powers that be that you have enough star quality to be on the big screen are long gone. The playing field has changed and now its pretty much anyone’s game.

Reality TV may be a difficult concept for the “real” actors like Henson to grasp, but to the starving artist out there desperate for the limelight, it’s a godsend.

Like the saying goes, its not how you get there, its what you do once you arrive.

What do you think? Would you downplay an actor’s talent because of his/her reality show background?

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