Today is the start of Anti-bullying week and with all the issues our kids face today, there are many ways we can help prevent bullying from happening to our loved ones.

CNN gave a list of tips to help parents start a dialouge with their children about bullying:

Initiate conversations with your kids about their school day. Allow them to talk about the good and not-so-good experiences that they have.

Promote self-esteem and confidence by reminding your child of his or her unique talents and qualities.

Do a lot of listening as one way of creating a trusting atmosphere between your child and you.

 Keep the lines of communication open.

When I was growing up, bullying was just something that children dealt with in school. It rarely led to suicides, but today it has reached new heights. It has become a serious issue that plagues our young people.

How can you help prevent bullying?

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  • Candy1

    Sometimes the parents of bullies do not do anything to help the situation.

    • secret ninja

      sooo true, sometimes they are just as bad if not worse than their children!

  • MarloweOverShakespeare

    What will I do? Call it out when I see it and take appropriate action.

    I do not have a child, but I recently had a mentee that was being bullied at his school, at an afterschool program. This kid did not want to interact with anyone nor do any of his school work the next day when I saw him.

    What did I do? I let him know that his teacher, parents, and I were there for him, and to always let an adult know when he is messed with. Since the teacher had already let the principle know. I let the mentor coordinator know, who also notified the principle and the his parents.

    Communication and swift action by adults to protect children is PARAMOUNT!

    And I also had a debate about this with someone who thinks bullying can’t be prevented and that bullied kids need to find a better way to cope with it. GTFOOHWTBS FOR REAL!!!

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