Jennifer Hudson snagged the December/January issue of Ebony magazine, and the songstress looks absolutely amazing. In the magazine, Jennifer talks about her relationship with fiancée David Otunga, her little boy, David Jr., losing weight, and the tragic shooting that changed her life forever.

During the interview, Jennifer tells Ebony that the only reason she survived the shooting that claimed the lives of her mother, brother, and nephew, was because she was on her way to see her fiancée. She remembers, “I flew out to see him; that’s why I’m still here. I’ve never said that before and I can’t believe I just said that now.”

In the cover story, J-Hud also discusses her weight. Since her dramatic weight loss, Hudson has received both praise and criticism for her new body. Some fans have used Jennifer’s weight loss as inspiration to change their own lives, while others have wondered if she’s gotten too thin. Earlier this year, the View’s Joy Behar claimed Jennifer told her she was a size zero, but the singer tells Ebony it that never happened.

I am going to finally address that size-zero thing that Joy [Behar] said on The View. Hell I wasn’t even on the show. I never said I was a size zero. I got crucified by I don’t know how many people who cussed me out because they said I’m putting out the wrong message and telling people to be a size zero. I got called every name under the sun and was told, ‘You should be ashamed of yourself for talking about being that size.’ Well, honey, when I do say I’m that size, then give me that speech. I never said that.

Pick up a copy of the December/January issue of Ebony to read the full interview!

Clutchettes, Why do you think Jennifer STILL has to discuss her weight loss? Why can’t people just get over it?


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  • O’Phylia

    She doesn’t even LOOK like a size zero. And she shouldn’t. She looks, frankly, like the size I want to be.

    I’m so sick of people getting mad about weight loss. It’s one thing if it’s the only thing we glorify, but to shame someone for being thin is ridiculous, and no better than fat shaming.

  • African Mami

    Jennifer DOES NOT have to address her weight loss/gain with anybody. What she owes her fans is GOOD MUSIC and ABSOLUTELY NO ACTING not unless she gets an acting coach!!! Other than that, this girl is WERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRKING the hell out of that blue dress and her hair is HOT!

  • taryn

    off topic but ever notice how when someone tries to lose weight or has lost a significant amount of weight they make it a national story? i lost a lot of weight but kept it to my self because its my business and i feel uncomfortable talking about it. i just dont like all of this talk about women’s bodies it is only perpetuating self body image issues. she is a beautiful woman with amazing talent! no amount of weight loss or gain is going change that!

  • AM

    I LOVE Jennifer Hudson and I think she has done a great job with her last album, which had three singles released from it, “Where you at?”, “No-one gonna love you” and “I Got This”. I do agree that she should tour soon and perhaps she needs to work with producers like Darkchild and Timbaland for songs to get more radio play / tv play. There is no question that she is the best singer of her generation so hopefully people in general will connect more with her 3rd album. Although personally I think both her albums have been outstanding.
    Also, she keeps talking about her weight loss because people keep asking about it! I hope she has her own perfume soon, clothes line etc because I think they would sell really well.

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