Despite the rumors that she and fiancé David Otunga are dunzo, Hudson said that the two are definitely heading down the aisle.

On the red carpet at the American Music Awards, the singer told Access Hollywood reporters, “We’re going to get married, and I know they said we had broken up. We were never broken up. We’re like, ‘Where did that come from?’ We’re still here.”

People have been predicting the demise of J-Hud and Punk David since they began dating, but after word that Otunga refused to sign a prenup began circulating, the rumors kicked into over drive. Couple that with a long engagement (they’ve been engaged since ’08), and folks began questioning whether or not the pair would ever jump the broom.

So what’s the hold up? Jennifer blames the long engagement on the couple’s busy schedule. While she’s been promoting her latest album and being a spokeswoman for Weight Watchers, David’s been building his budding WWE wrestling career.

“We’re still here, but we’re very busy people. He’s always on the road, I’m always on the road,” she explained. “We are together, we just do it at home in Chicago. That’s our meeting place.”

J-Hud also told Access Hollywood that the couple would tie the knot in her hometown surrounded by their friends and family.

“Our wedding will be at home in Chicago, with family,” she confirmed.

Well, there you have it folks. Jennifer and David are getting married….eventually.

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