Well, I didn’t see this one coming.

Yesterday, 25-year-old actress Kyla Pratt stopped by 106 & Park to talk about her new gig starring in the BET sitcom ‘Let’s Stay Together.’

During the interview, the actress, best known for her roles in ‘Love & Basketball’ and ‘One-on-One,’ told the crowd about her baby girl who’ll turn one next week.

*record scratch*


Apparently, rumors have been circulating for some time that Pratt had a child, but these days the blogs like to get all up in the wombs of celebs and guess whether or not they’re pregnant. But this time it was true.

Pratt looked gushed as she shared her plans to “do it big” for her daughter’s first birthday.

Although Pratt is very grown, she still has a baby face, and will play a college student on ‘Let’s Stay Together.’ During the interview she also told Terrence J and Roci that she’s working on a production company to create her own opportunities in the business. Very smart. 

Despite being a working actress, a budding producer, and a smart woman, I’m sure this latest revelation about her baby girl will throw the gossips into a tizzy trying to figure who fathered her child and if they’re still together.

Despite the media’s incessant ‘need to know,” I give Kyla props for letting the world in on her personal life when she was ready.

What do you think….did you see the baby news coming? 

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