In today’s latest “This track still won’t make you relevant again” news, Lil Kim is back and ready to continue her beef with fellow rap diva Nicki Minaj. Apparently the Queen B wasn’t feeling Nicki’s “creaky p___” comments on the Birdman track “Y U Mad” featuring Lil’ Wayne and decided that she needed to put her “Lil Kim clone” back in her place. The pint sized rap star visited DJ Kay Slay’s Shade 45 show and premiered a minute-long freestyle over Uncle Murda’s “Warning” instrumental in which she raps about laughing when she sees Nicki perform amongst other things. Of course, because her beef with Nicki wasn’t enough, Kim even throws jabs at Birdman and Lil Wayne calling Birdman’s rhymes “trash” and getting on Wayne’s recent fetish for jeggings. “Me and Wayne got on the same jeans. Ooh something wrong.”

Not sure if anyone is even taking a diss record by Lil Kim seriously these days, but even if other artists aren’t labels are, Kim is expected to be announcing a new record deal in January.

Check out the track:

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  • Perverted Alchemist

    Dear Kimberly…please…for the love of God…sitchooldassdown!!!!!

  • E.M.S.

    Lil Kim is making a fool of herself. Nicki even admits her own career would not be possible without Lil Kim coming first, but rightfully points out the only reason Kim gets any attention these days is by clinging to Nicki’s coat tails.

    If you have to get your publicity by stomping all over someone else’s success, you’re just pathetic. It may be cliche, but “don’t hate, congratulate.”

  • Jaselne

    I’m very excited I like Lil Kim.

  • Secret6

    Both Kim and Nikki need to stop. Kim is barely on the left side of forty and should know better. Considering she’s done time in jail over a beef that went terribly wrong, you’d think she would have learned her lesson. Nikki should look at Kim’s experience as an example of what could happen when ‘beef’ goes on and someone decides to take it to another level. Personally, I’m not a fan of either, and I don’t understand the hype. It is waaayyy beyond old and tired for black women in particular and women in general to be publically snapping at one another and usually for nothing more than attention. ‘A nation can rise no higher than its woman.’ If this is the best we can look to as examples of real women, then the nation is in horrible trouble.

  • Kimmy please. Your done, we have heard enought about your “supa head” days. Let move on, Nikki is now you are yesterday. Get over it.