Rihanna is back with the second single from her upcoming album Talk That Talk, and it’s completely different–but just as catchy–as her  smash ‘We Found Love.’

Written by Ester Dean and produced by Dr. Luke, ‘You Da One’ sounds a little more R&B than RiRi’s material as of late and it also has notes of Rihanna’s caribbean roots.

With it’s catchy hook and bouncy beat, ‘You Da One’ might score the Bajan beauty another hit.

Listen to ‘You Da One’…what say you, Clutchettes? Love it or leave it alone?

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  • whit

    I think I’m feelin it. She’s bringin it this time around.

  • Might have to grow on me a little but I’d rock to it in the club.

  • African Mami

    Dear Clutch,

    Please I know it’s hard. But don’t post anything closely remote to Rihanna for a week. Just one week. Give us new sounds……

  • Bisous

    @African Mami NOT A CHANCE. lol. I feel you Rihanna is aight, but I just don’t find her my cup of tea. Do you have any chicks who write there own songs play their own instruments design their own cover art. There are plenty artists like that who still maintain creative integrity and catchy AWESOME songs Please I want to hear more from them! Ugh of my soapbox I guess.