Live Life Loud


Life is short.

We only have one life to live.

Both of these phrases are as cliché as they are true. No matter how often we’ve all heard them, we have to acknowledge that they’re worth noting. For me, they serve as reminders that I have to live life fearlessly and live it loud.

Basing ALL of life’s decisions on fear will leave you out of living a full life. I’ve had to learn this and it’s worth repeating. Fear exists to keep us from doing dangerous things. It can be helpful. Fear is what keeps us from jumping off a cliff with no parachute. But besides that, it can really be what keeps us from doing what we want to do, and what our heart tells us. Fear can be a crutch and we lean on it way too much as an excuse for not pursuing our dreams.

I’d hate to wake up at the age of 70, realizing that I’ve never done anything I truly wanted to do because I was scared. And only later finding out that there was nothing for me to fear in the first place. This fear of the “what if” drives me to want to live big. I can’t live life scared of my own shadow otherwise I’d never leave the house. This is why from now on, I’m choosing to live life loud. There’s no joy in living life meek. Yes, I want have a comfortable life, but the most memorable experiences don’t come out of sitting on my couch watching life go by.

Besides, “Oh well” is better than “What if?” any day of the week. I can’t remember where I first heard that but I keep that little tidbit close to me because I don’t want to have regrets. I’ve seen this question posed over and over again:

“What would you do if you knew you could not fail?”

Simply? I’d LIVE. In every way.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that you have to go bungee jumping to live life loud. But live loud by pushing past your comfort zone. Do something that frightens you a bit. Do something that takes a pep talk in your head. Live life loud by walking into a room and realizing you belong there like everyone else.

In the past, and sometimes even now, I’ve let fear dictate some of my decisions. But these days I’m trying to shed that. I won’t let myself be painted into a tiny circle on this big Earth because I’m afraid to step out of my comfort zone. If I let fear dictate everything around me, some of the GREATEST people I know would be strangers, and that’d be unfortunate. If fear were my main driving factor, I’d never have started my own nonprofit at 25. Fear would have also stopped me from pursuing freelance writing.

I’m going to challenge myself to do something fearless more often. This way, I know I’m living life loud.

So Clutchettes, what would you do if you knew you could’t fail?

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