I’ve been thinking a lot lately about relationships and the sacrifices we make for love.

When you’re on the hunt for that special someone it never occurs to you just how much you’ll have to compromise or sacrifice to build and maintain a happy healthy relationship. Relationships take a great deal of selflessness on both parts and cannot be successful without some give and take. But just how much are you willing to sacrifice for love?

I like to think of myself as the hopeless romantic type. Since I can remember I have been in love with love. Not naive to the perils and pitfalls, just optimistic that no matter how often or hard I fall, in the end I will have love and it will save the day. I’ve always given more than I should have in a relationship, but the things that I have given were always things that the other person should’ve come to the table with anyway. I wasn’t giving or giving up anything as much as I was helping and fixing.

Recently I’ve begun to think about what it really means to sacrifice for someone else and if I’m really ready to go the extra mile. Am I ready to give up part of my independence? Am I willing to struggle in support of someone else’s dreams? Am I in love enough to drop any and everything to follow my man to another part of the country…the world?

Of course I’m not suggesting that I or anyone else give up everything for someone who isn’t deserving or worthy of it, but if you’ve met someone who is, how far will you go? What sacrifices are too great to make even for love? This question has been a tough one for me to answer for myself, but maybe that’s because I’m trying to be logical about something that at its essence is illogical. Love is never simple….and I guess neither are the sacrifices.

What sacrifices are you willing to make for love? Are there limits to the sacrifices you’re willing to make? Have you made a sacrifice and it turned out to be the best/worst decision ever?

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