I was getting my daily Necole Bitche fix when I saw pictures of rapper Ludacris’ Halloween costume. Apparently, the ATL-native was channelling his inner Jack Hanna and his lady friend Eudoxie was his pet.

Luda didn’t put a ring on it…it put a LEASH on it. Hmm.


Now, those leashes some parents put on little kids make me nervous, so seeing this–although it was done in fun–just struck me as wrong. My first thought? I wish a negro WOULD!? But hey…different strokes for different folks, right? Who knows.


What do you think Clutchettes? Is this costume cute or creepy?

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  • shaizah

    The looks on their face speak volumes, she looks so awkward and he looks arrogant as h—. Not cute at all.

  • binks

    As my mother would say “better her than me” I do give it the side eye because I don’t find it cute but again I don’t find it creepy either. but if she doesn’t have a problem with it and as long as nobody was hurt oh well. Though I don’t think the intent was malicious behind the leash and the costumes, I think it is one of those cases where the picture is telling a story but not the whole story

  • Like you said “different strokes for different folks,” but what concerns me is the expression on her face… It don’t look like she’s enjoying it at all!