Picture-1323From Frugivore — It happens every year. Warm weather fades away and takes along with it that cocoa butter glow and shiny hair we rocked all summer. Hormonal changes can sometimes wreak havoc on the skin and nails, but so can the weather.

Wintertime and its freezing temperatures bring along with it new challenges for skin and hair health, leaving you wishing for that sun-kissed look, instead of a dull complexion and lackluster locks. Fortunately, there are simple do-it-yourself home remedies that can help you winter-proof your body, and feel good in the process.

To combat dull, dry skin, moisturization and hydration are key. Even something as simple as splashing cold water on the face in the morning can help get blood circulating and keep skin looking healthy throughout the day. Drink plenty of water and take omega-3’s, which can be found in foods such as nuts, salmon, avocado, or in pill supplement form.

Moisturizing the skin anytime of the year is important, but especially in the wintertime, when harsh weather conditions can cause the skin to crack under its harsh whip. A yogurt and honey mask is a budget-friendly and easy way to keep skin moisturized and glowing.

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