Now that the chaotic circus surrounding Michael Jackson’s trial is slowly leaving town and the key players have dispersed with one guilty party awaiting his fate, it looks like MJ’s offspring are now in a position to bargain. Word has it they are being courted to star in their own reality show. According to Dorothy Cascerceroi, Senior Editor at InTouch magazine, the Jackson children are ready to unmask the mystery that has surrounded them for years and are not opposed to using a reality show as a vehicle to claim their own identity.

As far as which network is doing the courting, there hasn’t been any definite word on that yet but the real question is whether or not their grandmother will be open to the idea. After years of negative press and heartbreaking loss, it’s hard to imagine Katherine Jackson willingly feeding her grandchildren to the intrusiveness of Reality TV. But stranger things have happened.

What do you think? Will a Reality TV Show Be a Good Break for MJ’s Kids?

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