The issue of bullying within the halls of education is no doubt out of hand, but one mother’s actions may not justify school officials’ mismanagement of the growing, browbeating, phenomenon. 31-year-old Leslie Ann Thomas was arrested earlier this week for illegally entering Lockhart Middle School in Orlando some time after 9am, and attacking a 12-year old student she believed to be bullying her daughter, The Daily Mail reports.

Apparently, Thomas was under the impression that her daughter was being bullied via Facebook by the classmate involved in the brawl.  The report claims the 31-year-old mother was so enraged by the alleged bullying that she made a b-line straight to the cafeteria, bypassing check-in at the school’s front office, and hit the suspected 12-year-old tormentor.

Students who were witness to the fracas said they saw Thomas and her daughter fighting with the child.A police report states that the outraged mother prevented other children from breaking up the fight. Eventually, it took members of the staff to diffuse the situation.

Leslie Ann Thomas was charged with child abuse, and trespassing on school grounds and has since been released from Orange County jail on $1,400 bail.  Her daughter is facing misdemeanor charges in juvenile court. Family services is also on the case. The victim, who remains unnamed, suffered minor injuries to her ankle but is otherwise ok, physically.

It’s not clear as to whether Thomas addressed her concerns to the staff before going upside that 12-year old’s head, but it’s safe to say that her actions were out of line.  This unfortunate incident begs many interesting questions, one of which being: With bullying getting so out of control in the schools these days, how far should a parent go – legally – to ensure the well being of their child?

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