It’s Monday, and unless you’re a part of that fortunate segment of the population who just adore their job, chances are this may be the most dreadful morning of your week. At the risk of writing what may sound like a catchphrase, it’s important to remember that it doesn’t have to be this way – even for those of us who are indeed in trapped in a truly horrendous workplace from which there appears to be no escape., the worklife improvement site, gives the following tips on how you can take control of the situation, manage the stressors, and keep the drama at bay.


1. Stop shooting for perfection. Perfection can be a standard to shoot for, but becomes unhealthy when it is the only standard accepted. Some people take the goal of perfection too far…and there is a price to pay. True perfectionists are never satisfied. Chronic or daily attempts to achieve perfection are driven by feelings of inferiority and low self-esteem. This not only impacts the person and their health, it seriously damages the morale of their co-workers. Remember: perfection is not possible for humans.

2. Take your lunch break. Many employees pride themselves on skipping lunch and see it as a sign of their commitment to being productive. The reality is that lunchtime is when people are most likely to become anxious, irritated, or send out snappish e-mails. Once they eat, they almost seem to say, “What was that all about?” We usually don’t see the connection between low blood sugar (caused by hunger) and our stress levels.

3. Stop gossiping. Ouch! This one is going to hurt a little, but the pay-off is big. When you gossip, you are telling the person you are gossiping to that you will do the same thing when he/she is not present. You also have the added stress of keeping straight who you have told what. Gossip really adds up to appearing (and being) untrustworthy. Not the best trait to cultivate as a co-worker!

Gossip is mostly laziness in making small talk anyway. Instead of relying on this old standby to spark-up the lunch table chat, have a few topics prepared before you get there. What if someone else starts gossiping? Don’t respond judgmentally. Just acknowledge the person’s concerns (“He really bugs you, huh?”) and switch topics gracefully.

Peep this for more stress relieving tips.

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  • CaliDreaming86

    I was recently a temp in a call center for a large health insurance company in my state. It would take me the next few hours to type out everything that was wrong with that place. [SMH] One thing I can tell you is that the Manager and Supervisor of the department would give people the option of not taking a lunch break or only take 30 minutes instead of the full hour because the ‘phones were busy’.

    To me, anytime an employer gives people the option to work through their break, it tells me that they have an issue with not having enough staff and/or they cannot run the operation efficiently.

    • OaktownMiss

      100% cosign on that. There has to be balance. Employers that act like slave drivers are the worst.

  • Sorry about the weird title I just needed something to catch your attention :(, my question is what do I do, my ex misses me but only wants to he friends I have come to know this through one of her best friends who tells me everything and helps me out, so yeh what do I do I’m currently not talking to her and I am using the no contact rule where u just give her space and during this period of time where i just give her space she’s attempted to contact me three times it’s just she’s stopped now and I came to know that she wants to be friends and misses me today, truth is i don’t want to be her friend i want to be more than that, is there anybody out there with experience an knowledge that can help me out here ? Thanks

    • African Mami

      @ truth seeker,

      yip. tell her your truth-you want more not less. closed mouths don’t get fed.

      Question. why is one of her friends helping you out?! I find that odd….extremely.