A new ad by The Lake and Stars, a New York-based lingerie and swimwear company, is causing quite a stir. After images of it’s new campaign hit the ‘net, many are wondering if the mother-daughter spread is a little too suggestive.

While critics of the advertisement claim the pictures are meant to titillate men (what lingerie ad isn’t?), they also say the pictures hint at an inappropriate sexual relationship between the mother and daughter. Dr. Nancy Irwin told a local Fox News affiliate, “These ads are highly suggestive. They are clearly designed to titillate consumers; mostly men. The incestuous and lesbian suggestions, with the phallic images of cactus and logs, are juvenile at best.”

Predictably, the Reps over at The Lake and Stars don’t see it that way. They released a statement saying they were “shocked” at the suggestion that their ad campaigned depicted an incestuous mother-daughter relationship.

“We’re surprised that people are reacting with such violently negative connotations such as incest, given that we were only making light of a healthy and beautiful relationship between two women… something we think people in our culture are often uncomfortable with, especially when there is so much focus on competition and gossip,” said Lake and Stars’ owner Maayan Zilberman. “We’ve always embraced women of all ages and sizes in our shoots, and having admired the loving relationship between our friends Johanna and India (the mom and daughter,) it seemed a natural thing to feature them in a campaign representing our brand.”

While I’m not sure the ad hints at an illicit mother-daughter relationship, I do think advertisers often push the boundaries to get people talking (and buying).

But, what do you think? Is this ad cute….or creepy?

Weigh-in Clutchettes!

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