The world’s original supermodels grace the cover of the December 2011 Holiday issue of Harper’s Bazaar UK magazine. Naomi Campbell along with Yasmin Le Bon, Helena Christensen, Cindy Crawford and Eva Herzigova are featured and crowned “Women of the Year,” dressed in Dolce and Gabbana from head-to-toe.

The cover accompanies a new Duran Duran short film featuring the ladies, which will premiere at The Harper’s Bazaar Women of the Year Awards on November 7, 2011.

In the issue, Naomi Campbell reveals that First Lady Michelle Obama is her personal choice for woman of the year for her initiatives on food and wellbeing in America and that she is working on stress management. Here’s an excerpt via Harper’s Bazaar UK:

What was your highlight of 2011? 
It’s not over for me yet! I live for the moment. Every day is a blessing. 
What makes you feel as if you could rule the world? 
Feeling positive within myself. 
What is your enduring motto? 
Trying to erase stress from my life as much as possible. I’m reading an amazing book called Brilliant Stress Management by Mike Clayton. 
Who is your woman of the year? 
Michelle Obama, for her initiatives on food and wellbeing in America.

With the overwhelming number of singers and actresses gracing the covers of fashion and beauty magazines in this day and age, it’s great when magazines turn their attention back to actual models, especially those as legendary and inspiring as Naomi Campbell.

Which stars do you prefer on magazine covers: models or celebrities? What do you think of the December 2011 Harper’s Bazaar UK cover and spread?

-Kamille Cooper

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  • Bronze

    Models! Models evoke sexiness in a way actors don’t know how. And I love variety. If you compare an Essence Magazine from the 80s to today…you will find an accurate representation of black women. They were all beautiful. All sexy and powerful.

    and….I’m uber sick of seeing Beyonce on every cover of every magazine. The girl is a performer but she has nothing substantial to say.

  • On Fashion mags, definitely Models. Lifestyle mags, I could go either way. As for the cover, those girls look amazing. They’re the original super models, right? I wish Linda Evangalista were there with them. They’re aging wonderfully, if at all!

  • fuchsia

    MODELS!!! It seems more special, like WOW look who made it to the cover. It’s a way to honor someone’s craft. The way actresses win awards… Celebrities are known for other things in their career and I feel that in most cases gracing the cover of fashion magazines takes away space for models.

  • truisal

    models! I am so tired of see actors, this issue is refreshing seeing the girls who put the work in the wonderful world of fashion….yeah naomi