Oh Linnethia…

On the heels of the Real Housewives of Atlanta’s return to the airwaves, Nene is finding yet another way to cash in on her Housewives antics. The reality star recently tweeted a picture of a blinged-out “I’m Very Rich Bitch” t-shirt that she’s hawking for $150 a pop.

Apparently, Ms. Linnethia is feeling herself. After a confrontation with former friend and cast mate, Sheere Whitfield—who accused Nene of cutting her out of the profits on an appearance deal—Nene told Sheere she was just jealous because she was “really rich” and had “Donald Trump checks.”

(skip to the 5:45 mark)

On the next episode, Nene flew to Miami with Kandi and Cynthia to check out houses. According to Nene, she’s sick of living in Atlanta where she claims “haters” are constantly in her business. After touring a $9 million mansion, Cynthia encouraged Nene to buy the house, while Kandi doubted if Nene had enough money to afford such an estate.

Since appearing on Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice, Nene has not only raised her visibility, but she’s also been raking in more cash as well.

But is she “very rich”?

I have my doubts about Nene’s wealth and apparently, she is trying to lower expectations as well. On a recent appearance on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen asked Nene how rich she was, and Ms. Leakes shot back, “Only ignorant would go immediately to money,” and told Cohen she was “rich” in health and spirit.


What do you think? Will you be picking up one of these tees? 

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  • Priceless34

    As quickly as she bragging that she is rich she will be broke.
    People with money don’t walk around talking about it.
    And I;m sure whatever money she made from Apprentice was not enough to afford her the option to purchase a 9 million home..that was all scripted.

    As of 2012 I am longer watching these shows that depict black women in a negative light…..

  • Sia

    Absolutely not. For $1.50 I could buy a bedazzler and make my own. Hell to the naw.
    What disturbs me is that on Nene’s twit pic for the shirt a lady commented “I’m going to buy one for me and one for my daughter too.” Smh

  • kaiah

    Uh no. She’s such a fake…people with BIG money dont need to talk about it! her little miney is enough to sustain life in country a$$ Atlanta but not enough for any major city in this country…girl please!

  • Sonya

    She can keep that tee for $150.00….Smh!!!

  • Tippy

    I will absolutely not be buying a tee shirt. I think Nene watched the show like we all did & realized how silly she looked when she said that she was “very rich”. Now she is trying to save face by saying that she is rich in health & spirit. If she really meant that she was rich in health & spirit then she would have said that instead of saying she was going to the bank with “Trump checks”.