Reality TV has taken over our television screens, now it’s threatening to hijack magazines as well.

According to the New York Times, a new magazine solely dedicated to Reality TV shows and stars is gearing up to hit the marketplace. The glossy, called Reality Weekly, is due to hit newsstands in January and will be priced to entice customers at just $1.79.

With so many reality shows, the mag’s editors say they’ll have unlimited material.

Richard Spencer, editor of Reality Weekly, said, “The material reality shows give us is an embarrassment of riches.”

He continued, “Reality stars, you can’t keep them away. It’s always ‘Come to my wedding!’ or ‘I just redid my baby’s room. Want to see it?’”

Reality Weekly will feature such items as “Biggest Fights of the Week,” “Hottest Shots of the Week,” and “Where Are They Now?”

Will you pick up a copy? 

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