Soul of the South Network is set to hit the airwaves in early 2012 and it promises to provide quality programming targeting mostly African – Americans in a number of allotted cities, including Atlanta, GA, Augusta, GA, Memphis, TN, Monroe, LA and Orlando, Fl.

SSN has committed to investing at least $10million to guarantee a healthy and balanced array of genres that should appeal to a huge chunk of their potential viewers. Entertainment, sports, news and stories with an urban and cultural feel will all be constant offerings on the schedule. According to Edwin Avent, who chairs an extended arm of the new company, SSN Media Group, there is also a plan to feature local and regional activities that show African – Americans in their element either competitively or in everyday surroundings. He tells The Hollywood Reporter, “ Soul of the South Network will embody the heart of African-American culture”. Avent is hoping viewership will steadily grow as the word spreads and the network’s output is embraced.

This positive outlook should prove profitable and genuine, considering the market concentration. According to recent statistics, the South has the largest and fastest growing black population, with Atlanta recently topping former top contender, Chicago by claiming the No.2 spot behind New York.

The need for original programming will also be tackled, with a host of new shows that include Drum Majors, which showcases musical numbers at black colleges and Southern Soul Stories, that celebrates the who’s who of African-Americans in the South and the historical imprint of the region as a whole.

The logistics of this new and promising venture are still being ironed out, including the executives who will be helping to commission all the projects lined up. But the new network has a permanent home, which will be based in Little Rock, Arkansas; it will take over the space at a TV station that used to belong to Equity Broadcasting before they succumbed to bankruptcy in 2008.

This is certainly awesome news and a much-needed boost, especially when you consider the state of affairs of network television when it applies to quality shows that boast a black cast or tell uplifting relatable stories.

Hopefully Soul of the South lives up to the hype and actually delivers. Everybody will be watching!

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  • Timcampi

    I would never watch an all black network. I’d rather see my TV integrated. I don’t have to have my actors color-coded in order to identify with the plotline.

    • Whatever

      You find television “integrated”? There was a point when you could find about 4 black actors a week on the CW…

      Some Black people put down “all black” anything and fail to realize you are shooting yourself in the foot.

    • Timcampi

      -___- I never said TV currently was integrated. I said I would RATHER see me TV integrated. Gosh. I have the same issue with the Vogue Italia all black issue. It doesn’t solve the problem, it just bandages it. Black and educated needs to become mainstream. You don’t do that with segregation. And quite frankly, I don’t care if there are all Latino channels. There are all Korean/Japanese drama channels! I watch em. I enjoy them. But I’d definitely still prefer to see them on a MAJOR network instead of shafted to one audience just because of race.

      There. Elaborated and defined. Now come at me with something I actually claimed.

  • msmissy

    Well then don’t watch. It is clearly catered to an AA audience and rightly so, every other network has a caucasion majority. Spanish people have tons of spanish networks to identify with, why shouldnt black people desire this as well? Every race wants to identify with people like them as the center not the sidekick or sprinkled in guest appearances. For the rest of us folks who want to see african americans in a diverse and meaningful way, we will be tuning in!

    • Whatever

      Exactly! There are about 2 dozen channels here in NY for Latinos. (cable) Commercials with all Latino casts and shows with all Latino casts.

  • if the booties are shaking i’ll be watching

  • Val

    I don’t live in the south so oh well. But I def hope the network does well. We really need more Black people on TV.