Last month, a group of American Democrats living abroad came together to discuss the President at an event called, “Voices for Obama,” at the Nikki Diana Marquandt Gallery in Paris.

While there, Jake Lamar–an American author now living in Paris–gave a speech about why, despite the current economic conditions, he is not disappointed with the job President Obama has done so far. During his speech Lamar talked about the health care reform bill, the killing of Osama Bin Laden, and America’s image on the world stage.

Hearing his perspective as an American living abroad was definitely interesting. But do you agree?

Watch Jake Lamar’s video, “Not Disappointed” and tell us what you think!

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  • Robert Kandel

    I swallowed my disappoint after I saw this video!

  • Chuck McLaughlin

    To vote again for this man would be unconscionable. He has proven himself a liar, a dissembler and a neo conservative in democratic clothing. The lesser of two evils is a mantra sung over and over by both parties and, unfortunately, a catchy tune most voters seem happy singing along.
    Neither party deserves the presidency and I, for one, will never cast my vote for either. One who does is clearly approving of murder by our paid mercenaries and of the assassination of even America citixzens without the least pretence of due process. Black or white, this president is a catastrophe. and, along with his fellow war criminals, should be charged, tried, and if found guily, suffer the legal consequences for his crimes against humanity.