From Frugivore — For almost two months now the “Occupy” movement has captivated the world. From New York and Oakland to Berlin and New Zealand, people everywhere are standing up for social and economic injustice. But social and economic injustice isn’t the only cause people should ban together for; obesity is at an all time high all over the world, but especially here in the United States. With weight related diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, and hypertension on the rise among adults and even children, it’s time for the “Occupy” movement to take on an additional focus. Instead of occupying Wall Street, people everywhere need to start occupying their kitchens and take back control of their health by making healthy changes in their lifestyles and preparing nutritious meals that will help them lose pounds and live longer. Still not convinced you should join the “Occupy Your Kitchen” movement? Here are four reasons we think you should. You can thank us later.

It Helps Saves Money

With families everywhere feeling the financial squeeze these days, cooking at home is definitely an easy way to keep money in your pockets. The average takeout meal can cost close to $10 per meal and if you’re eating out at least twice a day that can end up costing you around $140 a week! With that money you could go grocery shopping for ingredients that will last several weeks and use them to prepare at-home meals that can last you several days at a time. As a bonus, since you won’t be spending close to $600 a month on takeout, you can use whatever is left after groceries to treat yourself to a little something nice.

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