Yeah, so previously reports that Rocawear grew a heart and decided to pull the ‘Occupy All Streets’ shirts due to pressure from protesters was wrong. Apparently, the shirts were missing from the Rocawear website because THEY SOLD OUT.

*see what I did there?*

According to the Roc4Life blog, “Those “Occupy All Streets” t-shirts sold out faster than Rick Perry can name three agencies. If you missed out on the first batch, we’ve got your back like scoliosis. Rocawear has already restocked the fancy black tops

So, so does this mean Occupy protestors can go back to calling Jay-Z the Grinch Who Stole the Movement?



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  • @IAmGoldGorgeous

    Great!!! I may buy one, haven’t decided yet.

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  • HoneyDew

    Instead of being mad at Rocawear for making and selling the shirts, why not be mad at the schmucks who actually bought and will be wearing the shirts. These same people will now be walking billboards for this company and not to mention the ignorance that keeps the 99% the 99%. Stop buying from and subsequently advertising for companies that do not have your best interest, or any interest for that matter, at hart!!!!! We the consumers need to demand more from corporations, that is what Occupy Wall Street is all about and Rocawear has already said they will not be giving any of the profits to Occupy Wall Street, but still folks buy the shirts cuz it looks so darn cool, mean while they don’t know what they are even wearing.

    • HoneyDew


    • HoneyDew

      … one more thing, I do think Jay-Z and company are scrotum’s for capitalizing from these shirts and not giving any of the money to OWS. But if Jay is a scrotum, then that makes the consumers the sweat under his balls!!! We have to do better!!!

    • LJF

      Thank you, very well thought out and presented.

  • EAB

    Random…but where did this “see what I did there?” phrase come from? Its everywhere. now

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