Yeah…are we still talking about this? In 2011?

Apparently, so.

The Black interwebs were poppin’ this morning as news of Toni Braxton’s new boo spread across the wire. No, I have no clue who he is or if he’s equally famous, but there’s one thing we do know: He’s White.

*gasp* Say Whaaaat? Word? Omg!

Ok. Are we done with that?

Toni stopped by CNN news anchor (and resident White hottie *see what I did there?*) to discuss her reality show, getting over her ex, and getting back into the dating game.

When Anderson asked about Toni’s romantic life and if she was dating anyone, the singer responded, “Kinda… sprinkles of dating… I’m beginning to play in the snow a bit.” 

Anderson asked Toni to explain, and she said, “He’s Caucasian.”

Big whoop.

What I found most interesting was not that Toni’s dating a White man–who cares?–but that she engaged in some Selita Ebanks/Jasmine Sullivan-esque behavior back in her younger days and has gotten revenge on some exes.


Dating choices are personal, and if Toni (or Idris *bites fist*) wants to date a White, Latino, or Asian person…I’m all for it. But why do people keep acting like this is SUCH a big deal (especially since most Black folks marry each other)?

Is this 1911 or 2011? I’m confused.

What do you guys think? 

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  • Black women mostly like white men rather than black men because of white men will be so hand some .If you love the person and have common interests it should not matter what your race is.

  • BLueyesarethedevilseyes

    white people are the devil and cannot be trusted.. dont believe in the media hype there are trying to destroy us and split us up. we should not be listening to this crap the devils will try to convince us that white or other non black men are better. witch clearly that they are not and to all the sistas dont believe this nonsense. and to the ones that do your mind is corrupted and polluted…. and i wish one day you can see the truth and see their lies.

    • acbvegas

      No wonder I bet you are single lol

    • Wow, I can’t believe you think like this! Race doesn’t matter at all when it comes to dating. Yes, White people have done very evil things to Blacks but that was back in the day not now. There are some racism and racists but for the most part, dating interracially is not a big deal and problem. In fact, you can actually find your soulmate that way too, believe it or not.
      For me, I don’t mind dating a White guy at all although I prefer Black men to all races of men. I don’t think non Black men are better than Black men because I think men will be men. People are people at the end of the day and God sees us all as equals.

    • I

      It’s 2012. Get over it. I am so very happy with my white fiance and happy about the fact that we will be bringing beautiful mixed children into this world. You can’t help what your personal preference is and mine just happens to be white men. I’ve always had boyfriends outside of my race and if you honestly think something is wrong with that, then not only are you ignorant but it also makes you look kind of racist. Who cares what SOME whites did in the past? It didn’t happen to us so why should it matter? You can’t help you who fall in love with and we are all equal under God.

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  • dwayay maraka

    senseless imbeciles.