I thought things couldn’t get any worse for Rick Perry after last week’s rambling Cornerstone speech in which he looked absolutely nuts, but last night during yet another Republican debate, the Texas governor completely blew it.

After a debate moderator asked him which three government agencies he would eliminate if he were elected president, Perry quickly named two agencies–commerce and education–but just couldn’t recall the third.

While I found it ironic Perry would eliminate the education department–which he clearly could use some more of–I felt a little embarrassed for the Governor. Watching him stumble to remember his answer and then giving up with a sheepish, “Oops,” felt like I was watching a train wreck.

As I tweeted last night, I’m starting to think Perry is really on something. All of his gaffs hint at a man who is either under the influence or just really, really stupid, and I hope folks wouldn’t elect a dummy to run one of the largest states in the union.

Wait. Scratch that.

I forgot about George W. Bush.

Did you watch the debate? What did you think?

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