The former Queen of Daytime Television has still not been able to bless OWN (The Oprah Winfrey Network) with the Midas touch. After Oprah ended her talk show reign and went out with a big bang, this past May, it was assumed that she would enjoy the same level of success with OWN, considering her enormous popularity and solid team of programming execs. But it’s starting to look like this “new kid on the block” may end up costing more than its worth. Discovery Communications, who has been the struggling network’s consistent supporter, has not only invested a big chunk of money, $15 million to be exact, but also added some of the more promising programs to their own schedule to encourage viewership, but all the efforts have been in vain.

This past summer Oprah was appointed CEO, and with that came a revamping session, that included changes in the programming format and shuffling of the staff.

But the numbers don’t lie and the road is bumpy with lots of craters and potholes along the way.

Despite the discouraging forecast, David Zaslav, who heads Discovery Communications, remains positive and believes OWN will overcome the challenges and make its mark in the landscape of television.

Maybe it is too early to write off the validity of Oprah’s newest springboard, but this could also be a nagging indication that her luck is finally running out.

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