Picture Perfect


In the weeks leading up to the new season of Real Housewives of Atlanta which had its debut last Sunday night, BRAVO decided to show us what the delightful “housewives” looked like before they hit the big time with a special titled “Before They Were Stars”. It was hard to ignore the glaring differences between THEN and NOW. Aside from all the obvious enhancements the one detail that consistently resonated was the various stages of nose jobs that plagued practically the entire cast. Nene Leakes took up almost a whole episode when she willingly allowed the cameras to capture various stages of her procedure. But the rest of the women can run but they can’t hide, there is enough evidence to prove that their profiles were altered at some point during their rise to stardom.

They also join a big crop of other established celebs that felt the urgent need to use their first big check on a much-deserved nose job. Naomi Campbell, Vivica Fox, Janet Jackson, Keyshia Cole, and Nicki Minaj are just a handful of stars that have succumbed to the pressure of projecting that perfect image that will allow them to navigate the choppy waters of fame more efficiently.

The crux of the problem seems to be rooted in the message that African-American women in particular are sending when they decide that their ethnic features are not good enough to be viable in an industry that pays you millions based on what you look like. If you want to make it BIG and take your career to the next level, purchasing a perfectly arched aquiline nose, is your passport to everything the world has to offer because you will finally have something in common with top billing celebs who most likely were born with that much desired feature that cost you thousands to adorn.

Yes, there are plenty of Caucasians who feel compelled to improve their noses by slightly exaggerating their “bridge” so it looks a lot sharper and cleaner. But when Back Americans or even Jews attempt the same drastic procedure, the consequences may not always be agreeable. Nene Leakes and actress Jennifer Grey of Dirty Dancing fame are perfect examples of why tampering with nature may not necessarily yield favorable results. Both women look nothing like they did before, and sadly; one could argue that they looked a lot better before their surgery.

There is also the argument that once again, the European standard of beauty still reigns supreme and continues to recruit more disciples of color.

But what do you think? If you could afford to get a nose job and “improve” your profile would you go there? Is it all worth it to look PICTURE PERFECT?

– Ezinne Ukoha

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