Hair is at the root of a billion-dollar industry and a constant source of attention in most womens’ lives. We spend loads of time, money and energy into making sure our tresses are tamed. When they’re not, there is a sense of frustration that inhabits many of us whether it be conscious or unconscious.

Dove recently conducted a survey called “Make Friends With Your Hair” that concluded only 7% of women love their hair. I personally am not surprised by their findings. We stress over our hair daily trying to make it longer, fuller, thicker, manageable and beautiful.

The survey found specifically that 14% of African-American women love their hair which leaves a huge 86% of us that are not satisfied. The survey also found out some pretty interesting facts that are hilariously true when it comes to hair, take a look below:

-1 in 5 women have passed on a social event as a result of unpredictable hair
-Hair Care is a higher priority in a woman’s morning routine than eating breakfast (45% versus 41%), applying makeup (39%) and extra sleep (35%)!

Personally, I always love my hair…when I loves me back (i.e. when it is freshly styled as opposed to during the two weeks between hairdresser visits). I think a lot of women can vouch for that one!

Do you love your hair? Why or why not? How much time do you spend on your hair? Is it a priority?

-Krystal Holmes

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