From Frugivore – The government wants to take your children. At least if you’re not deemed fit to take care of your obese kids, our government wants to see if it can have a crack at shuffling them around the system until your kids stop eating the crap it subsidizes.

The internet has been ablaze with people weighing in on whether or not the government was right in its hands-on approach with an Ohio family.

According to reports, an 8-year-old Cleveland boy, who weighs more than 200 pounds, was removed from his mother’s custody because of what officials have deemed medical neglect.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports:

[The County] said that the child’s weight gain was caused by his environment and that the mother wasn’t following doctor’s orders — which she disputes.

This disturbing trend, which is gaining more credibility in medical and politic circles, encompasses everything that is dysfunctional about America in the present moment.

First, it starts with our malfeasant government that takes tax dollars to help large food companies maintain their grip on our food supply.

We only receive large amounts of cheap, crappy food because as companies grow its main priority is profit not quality. So consumers who haven’t seen their wages increase in over ten years are put in a bind: either starve or buy the subsidized corn, soy, wheat, and processed meat products. And once your hooked to the instant gratification that comes from the processed sugar in those products, you’re more than likely a customer for life.

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  • African Mami

    A child weighing 200 pounds?! Jail time for parents.

  • Beautiful Mic

    What the government needs to do is revamp the Food and Beverage Administration policies regarding what’s deemed safe and consumable foods in this country. The food production, logistics, industry in this country is poisoning us.

    Children become obese because they are consuming too many processed and artificial fats and sugars that their bodies can not burn. The toxins in our foods are so potent that they even hinder the bodies of children from working properly in burning off fat. Our food source, the bulk of it, is depleted of nutrients. The pesticides sprayed on produce deplete them of nutrients and poison them oven before they get to the stores. When we cook this food, these toxins, the toxins become more potent and they make all of our bodies more toxic and unable to function properly.

    Then, the lifestyle that the commercial infrastructure of this country demands that we not have time for physical activity, being sedentary for long periods of time, just so we can keep up with the cost of living – if you even have a darn job. Then we’re all stress – stress prevents the body from properly functioning in burning fat and releasing toxins as well.

    Then they want to take obese children away from their parents to be placed in a juvenile (orphan) system that disregards the real safety and well-being of children. A system where child molestation, rape and abuse is rampant.

    • damidwif

      YES! But people would have to read to know about all this.

  • lostluv224

    NO! This is just wrong to take someones child away– they don’t think about the mental & emotional stress it may cause that child. If anything just find ways to aide in the child’s weight lost– find a program, maybe get a bus service set up, and ensure that the kid is able to get to where he has to go.

  • secret ninja

    hmm i can’t answer the question if they should with a definite yes or no,i think it should be evaluated case by case, but this is definitely abuse.
    an 8 year old being 200+ pounds didn’t get that way just by eating fatty food or hormone pumped meats, if that was the case, everyone would be morbidly obese. this is overeating, this is more than a few extra snacks, this is more than 3 meals a day, and his eating habits probably started out from the time he was a baby. some parents think it’s cute/funny to feed a baby foods that children at an older age or adults are eating; such as soda, candy, chicken legs, steak, chips, cookies, cake, and bread.
    some parents think that just because a baby reaches out for food or points to their plate, that that means they should feed them, even after they’ve eaten already, not realizing or caring that just because a baby asks for food, doesn’t always mean that they’re hungry, babies want what others have, whether it’s food, keys, a remote control (all of which end up in their mouth…), that doesn’t mean you have to give it to them. a baby will continue to eat, even if he’s full or not really hungry. if this child was placed in a program and then afterward his mother (and father) continued to feed him in the way that got him placed in that program, then yes, he should be taken, because she’s/they’re not taking his health seriously.

    • jrmint

      I agree!! News reports state that they gave this woman a year to turn his health around. When the time was up nothing changed and they took action!

  • While I believe the care givers are neglecting the child’s health, this is not the type of thing that warrants removing a child from the home. As another poster mentioned, there is severe abusing going on and no one seems to care about that.

    • JaeBee

      “there is severe abusing going on and no one seems to care about that.”

      Talk about logical fallacies…