*sigh* Some men will never learn…

Radio talk show host, Howie Carr had some heartless words for two women who were allegedly sexually assaulted while camped out at Occupy Wall Street: ‘What did you expect?’

Recently, a Brooklyn man was arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting two women at the Occupy Wall Street protest in New York’s Zuccotti Park. The man,  26-year-old- Tonye Iketubosin, is accused of raping one woman and groping another.

The first victim, an 18-year-old woman, says that after getting into an argument with a man she was sharing a tent with, Iketubosin offered to let her sleep in his tent because he was headed off to kitchen duty in the encampment. After falling asleep, the woman says she awoke to Iketubosin removing her pants. She told him to stop, but Iketubosin ignored her and raped her.

Another woman, a 17-year-old, says that Iketubosin assaulted her days before the rape. She told police that she asked him to help her set up her tent, and early the next morning she walked in and found him inside. The victim says Iketubosin repeatedly groped her until she was able to push him away.

Although disturbing, these incidents are not unique. There has been a handfull of sexual assaults reported in Occupy camps around the country. Because the protests welcome everyone, the likelihood that nefarious characters will be mixed into the largely peaceful group of protesters is  inevitable. But Carr’s comments–that the women should have expected to get raped–sunk to a new low.

(skip to the 4:18 mark)

During his radio show, Carr made light of the incident, saying the 18-year-old victim probably had a trust fund, and the other victim “should have known better” than to ask a man to help her out.

Carr even went so far as to say, “These people are making a great statement against Capitalism aren’t they? Getting raped and groped.”

Carr’s comments are just another in a long line of statements that attempt to shame victims for their assault. Saying things like “they should have known better,” or questioning what a woman wears, minimizes the responsibility of the attacker, and places the blame on the victim. Ironically, Carr apparently has daughters that are of similar ages of the victims. I wonder would he be so flippant about rape if one of his daughters had been involved? Probably not.

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